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The shadows bring the starlight

And everything you’ve ever been is still there in the dark night

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        "Your thoughts are the surface of your mind: windy and wild. At your center, your core, below your orphan nightmares and your gypsy heart, you are not so easily swayed."

        Dick frowned to himself and turned to meet the sensei's eyes. His teacher was watching him with careful attention.

        "I can teach you to fight from that place, Grayson-san. But whether or not you choose to live from there is up to you."

        Dick's brows knotted. "What if I don't? I mean, what if I'm not a lake? What if I'm more like a river, or-- or a waterfall?"

        "Moving water is good for stirring chi, it can bring much energy. But a soul that cannot be still is a soul that loses itself over and over trying to attach to the impermanent. There will be moments of great joy and great grief, but peace will be elusive. When you grasp too tightly at water, all of it slips through your fingers. If you yourself are the waterfall, then you are always falling from a great height; falling in love, falling in line, falling into disarray, falling apart. Falling off the wagon, falling to your knees, falling short of perfection, falling into place . . ."

        The sensei trailed off and Dick stood up straighter, raising his eyes from the reflection of the clouds in the water to the actual clouds overhead. "Yeah," he said quietly. "That sounds about right."

Inheritance :: Devin Grayson

PB: Matthew Bomer

Icon keywords? Mostly thanks to the little deviant known as kaichan

I'm bringing back ghosts
That are no longer there
I'm gettin' hard on myself
Sittin' in my easy chair
Well, there's three people in the mirror
And I'm wonderin' which one of them I should choose
Well, I can't keep from laughin'
Spittin' out these 300 mile per hour outpour blues

I'm breakin' my teeth off
Tryin' to bite my lip
There's all kinds of red-headed women
That I ain't supposed to kiss
And it's that color that never fails
To turn me blue
So I just swallow it and hold on to it
And use it to scare the hell out of you

I have a woman
'Says come and watch me bleed
And I'm wonderin' just how I can do that
And still give her everything that she needs
Well, there's three people in my head that have the answer
And one of them's got to be you
But you're holding tight to it -- the answer
Singin' these three hundred mile per hour outpour blues

Put on gloves, a tied scarf and wrap up warm
On this winter night
Everytime you get defensive
You're just looking for a fight
It's safe to sing somebody out there's got a problem
With almost anything you'll do
Well, next time they stab you don't fight back just play the victim
Instead of playin' the fool
And the roads are covered with a million
Little molecules
Of cigarette ashes and the school floors are covered
With pieces of pencil eraser too
Well sooner or later the ground's gonna be holdin' all
Of my ashes too
But I can't help but wonder if after I'm gone will I still have these three hundred mile per
hour, finger breaking, no answers makin', battered dirty hands, bee stung and busted up, empty
cup torrential outpour blues

One thing's for sure: in that graveyard
I'm gonna have the shiniest pair of shoes

White Stripes :: 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues


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